Ananda - Happiness - Lycka
fromHappiness as an Art-project
Ahlbergshallen, Östersund Oct. 22 - Nov. 7 , 2004
In the first room Ananda - Happiness - Lycka greets you. A video-installation in three parts, which was Allberg's masters degree exhibition from the Academy of Fine Arts, Umea university. It has earlier been shown in BildMuséet, Umeå och Wetterling Gallery, Stockholm in May 2002. A ride on the Ganga before sun-rise, is shown at one wall. As double-projections episodes from dr Kataria's School of Laughter Yoga, in Mumbai, India, Indian dance, the Indian happiness-festival, Diwali, as well all walking on fire, is edited in. Against the other wall scenes from the laugheter. school, mixed with sunny yellow with texts about the medical gains of laughter-yoga.

"That the fire burns in the shape of a human being is a very good omen for the Fire-walk. That means that the
goddess Sri Marianam is satisfied and happy about
our offering"
Paul Raj

Allberg has looked into how hapiness is perceived in the different sections of the population in India during a journey there in 2001. Singapore's Indian population revealed the path to happiness thru Indian dance and focused the ability to attain happiness thru pain there. The hind-priest Paul Raj speaks about and shows his agreement with some Hindu-guds to achieve happiness. On the third wall signs are posted. They inform in more detaile about the four parts of the exhibition. The Indian Diwali-festivities, that can be described as fussion of western Christmas- snd New year-celebrations are presented among the waves of the Ganga.

  Ananda - Happiness - Lycka
Umea, 2002