For the icing on the cake, MalinMatilda received a grant to study laughter at the School of Laughter Yoga in Mumbai, India, where she learned the far-reaching medical benefits of laughter. While in the subcontinent, she went to Maharashtra to visit an orphanage and meet with a little boy whose education she has been sponsoring (truly a joyous moment for both). She ended her Indian adventure by attending the Diwali Festival, celebrated in honor of Lakshmi, the Hindi Goddess of Happiness. (The Diwali celebrations include ritual bathing and having one's body rubbed all over with herbs and spices.) In 2002, MalinMatilda had a second exhibition at Galleri 60 entitled At Gunpoint, inspired by her personal experiences and stories of ultra-violence in Johannesburg. She used the symbol of the target (and the cross-hair lines of the gun) in her work.

MalinMatilda has surely walked the line from being "flat line" to the precarious line of the circus tightrope. She has unrelentingly pursued the trail of happiness from the frozen tundra of Iceland and Lappland to the jungles of Malaysia and South Africa. She has followed that line, making connections wherever it took her, searching for it in holy places, in dangerous places, in gambling and entertainment Meccas, in the Big Top, in the laughter academy, and most of all in the Hallowed Halls of Art. MalinMatilda's graduate examination exhibition marks not the end of this journey but the very beginning of a long and fantastic voyage of discovery.

Jeffrey Vallance


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