Beyond (expectation)
- a sound-piece by MalinMatilda Allberg, Konsthögskolan, Umea university in collaboration with Taxi Umeorten's cars number 1137 and 1122, shown at Galleri 60, Umea March 17 - 27 , 2001.

In the cold, darkness and with deep snow one of the last things that you would expect to hear are probably junglesounds. I am interested in that contradiction
and I would love to try and spread some heat and light.
In the academy of fine art's, Umeå university, project Environmentality*, introduced by professor Cecilia Parsberg I therefore presented the sound-piece Beyond (expectation) in collaboration with Taxi Umeorten. It consists of sounds recorded in South Africa and the rainforests of Malaysia. There are almost inaudible sounds, so my wish was that one would realize that they were not coming from the car itself after a short while. I was so tired of that so much in our environment "has to be" loud and sharp. Instead I would like to examine if the more timid things in our existence has another value than the opposite. I was also interested in the fact that sunlight-therapy is medically used to cure depression. Maybe also exotic sounds can effect the human moods possitively? The work is also about transfer, first of all the physical one thru' the taxi-
ride through the *environ-ment and also hopefully in one's *mentality, when you are audibly transfered closer to the

The work showed no noticeble effects neither on the drivers
nor passengers. Possibly a louder sound-volume would have made a difference.

Beyond (expectation)

was also performed at
Art on the Rocks, Jukkasjärvi 2001

© MalinMatilda Allberg