At Gunpoint -
Under Vapenhot

Galleri 60, Umeå
19 - 30 January 2002

There are six oil-paintings, three picturing people pointing a guns on the beholder and three shown as if the beholder
would have been holding the gun himself. There is sawdust on the floor and there are sounds from a shooting-range in the jungle coming from two speakers. From one of the speakers a person explains why he is against weapons, even if he would be threatened by one, every other minute. From
the other two men tell why they enjoy shooting so much and do it as a sport. They are all talking about the violence, but every other time you hear support for weapons or opposition to them from one or the other side of the room. All along you hear the sounds and shots from the jungle.

At Gunpoint also consists of six targets printed on
wooden boards, that are screaned from a photograph of the target that I shot at in Johannesburg. They are hung as in a shooting-range but the three in the back are "humanized"; so that the silhouettes are of a child, of an old man with a cane and of a man witha bandage covering his head and one eye.

For a close-up of the paintings, please click here!

MalinMatilda Allberg 2002

At Gunpoint, Östersund, 2004