October 8 - Novemner 6 2016 in

in Smedstorp

Östbor Iris [Iris from Östnor]
[acrylics on panel 20 x 30 cm

hÖsterlenSalongen is an art salon where the exhibitors are chosen by a pamel and was initiatd by GyllenGården in 2014. Thos year fine artists from all of Scania were invited to apply!

[Bleeding hearts]
a o p 20 x 30 cm

Also in 2016 an interesting and proficient panel was presented. It concisted of the following artistic personalities :
Frank Björklund–fine artist, painter, drawer and printmaker with a fair amount single shows in Sweden, the rest of Europe and the US. - Ystad
Gertrud Sandqvist– Professor in the theory and history of artistic ideas, headmaster of Konsthögskolan [the academy of fine arts] in Malmö
Sten M Rosenlund – Connoisseur of art , tv-producer, filmmaker and photographer in teh arts and culture, Brösarp/Paris

Sakura a o p 20 x 30 cm

The panel chose 36 of the 105 applying artists. The statement of the panel was: ”For the hÖsterlenSalongen 2016 the panel went thru 500 works of art by 105 artists.The selection was made thru rewarding concistency and technique. Artistries that feel intresting from these criteras thus has beem empasized by us.”
/ Smedstorp September the
4 th 2016 Frank Björklund Sten M Rosenlund Gertrud Sandqvist.

the catalogue for hÖsterlenSalongen 2016

MalinMatilda Allberg 2016