MalinMatilda Allberg

Contemporary fine artist, with an MFA from the academy of fine arts, Umeå University in 2002 and one semester in the Department of Fine Arts, University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg, South Africa.




Works preferably
with painting, drawing, print-making and enamels in her own studio and in the collective artist workshops (in Malmö and also in Härke Konstcenter in Östersund and
ÖKKV in Örnsköldsvik). As well as with relational works in video and installations, that are rather interactive, for the audience to participate in.

A member of KRO/KIF, BUS, KKV-grafik Malmö and is a member of the board for ÖSKG.

The backgroundpicture was shot when painting one of "my" electriral cabinets, on Lilla Torg, Simrishamn for Österlen Electric Totem [Streetart Österlen].

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