Happiness as an Art-project  

I began working on my art-project Happiness as an
in Johannesburg, Southafrica in March 2000. This since I realized how important happiness is to be able t0 live a good life, then and there.
The project includes e.g. videos, sounds and interviews
with people from Finland, Norway, Sweden, Southafrica, India and Latvia.

In Johannesburg the emphasis was put on happiness in such a criminal society. What do people think about happiness when they protect themselves with weapons and
live behind high walls?
These issues resulted in my masters-degree-exhibition
At Gunpoint, that was shown in Galleri 60, Umeå, in
January 2002.

In Singapore the focus was set on how to achieve happiness thru' pain, among other things. The Hindu-priest Paul Raj tells about and shows in a projection in Ananda - Happiness - Lycka. Apart from annually walking on fire for the goddess Sri Mariaman he also participates in the Thaipusam-festival, to honour lord Murugan. In the Thaipusam-festivities there is a parade, where the devotees, with hooks thru' their bodies march far in the heat. To the hooks small containers with milk are attached. To show their devotion to lord Murugan Kavadis (large jars) filled with milk are carried to be carried out as offerings to him.



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