My interactive project during Konstrundan 2018 I call #HöraSamman. During the ten days of Konstrundan I asked those of my visitors who'd like to participate about affinity, in front of the camera of my laptop. They often told stories about when they felt a great kinship and some spoke about the imortance of inclusion.

"I felt such affinity when I was running Stockholm marathon"

When I was alone in the studio I took some stills out which I drew portraits of in tinted charcoal. I published these drawings on instagram with #Höra Samman, so that you could easily find them.


"Affinity can come when you cooperate and suddenly feel like you had an extra pair of hands"

"When we discuss issues of life and share confidences I feel kinship"

"I help refugee children and work as an uncle for them. This makes me feels such belonging"

"I felt such affinity during the Aaster dinner with the family of my husband.

"I feel kinship when I meet people at Kulturfikat inKagan"

The most astonishing with #HöraSamman is how happy everyone who spoke about affinity became and almost turned into children again.

"Affinity is a feeling that I have lacked so I I'm certain that is why I became an addict and a criminal"

"Affinity has such great importance especially for the.
aged and other loners. We must help one anoother
stand up against the darkness!"

All my affinity-drawings can be bought thru contacting me here. They are also to be exhibited where art usually doesn´t appera pretty soon.
More info about is up!

MalinMatilda Allberg 2018