Anyhow, when the Dutch were finally rescued half a year later they proposed to the Dutch leaders that there ought to be found a permanent storing-place for ships sailing further than the Cape. On April 6 in 1652 Jan van Ribing, who is considered to be Southafrica's founder, landed with three ships by Table Bay. He founded the first settlement there and they peacefully traded for kettle etc with the "Hottentots" , for a century or so. In Europe a lot of wars were being fought at this time, so Table Bay was Brittish for a few years, before it became Dutch again, but that I will just leave hanging. The Nationalist-party introduced Apartheid in 1948 and at that time it was not considered strange at all. I.e. the English colonizers had treated the natives almost in the same way all the time, although not having put a name on that treatment. When the "rest of the world" evolved more democtratic thoughts, Southafrica did not follow. Probably as a result of that the powerful prople did not want a change, since that would make things worse for them, while the "white mass" were ignorant, because of censorship a.s.o.. When apartheid was introduced it was also called 'the politics of good neighbours', which really seems missleading now. Since apartheid was finally abolished and Nelson Mandela became the president in 1994 the risk for a civil-war seems a lot less threatening and Southafrica has become a popular place to travel to. It is one of the world's most beautiful countries, 'few if any places on earth has such beautiful views, astonishing beaches and alive history' as is written in one of my guide-books. It has also been almost closed to western tourism, because of the boycotts during the apartheid-era, which has made people very curious about what it looks like. It is also true that Southafrica is very beautiful in many places, but it is also very poor and with a very high vilolent criminality-rate, which I believe makes it very ugly.

This is Razor-wire, which is very common in Southafrica. One of the exchange-students who was in Sweden tried desperatelly to find that for an art-piece there. It turned out that the only country where razor-wire is produced is in Southafrica. It is just like barbed wire, but instead of the 'thorns' on that it has razors attached to it.

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