Interactive works

For a many years i have worked on including the visitors of my exhibitions in an interactive art-work. I am curious about their thoughts, experiences and feeling and I also want to help theom to find their own creativity and it also gives me inspiration. If I can also help them ti make new conclusions, give them a better ego image and give them a new look upon society, their own lives and the society even better! At the times when there are no visitors in my exhibitioins I also get up-to-date-material to wok on.

During the seminat Konstnärlig innovation, den lokala tillväxtens viktigaste mekanism? given in Tjörnedala konstahall during Konstrundan 2018 Hans Wessblad, lector of the Linnéuniversity, empaphiced the importance of including the audience to keep Konstrundan up-to-datel.

Mina interaktiva verk är följande: