Happiness as an Art-project
Ahlbergshallen, Östersund 22 okt - 7 Nov, 2004

is in three parts in three rooms. First of all, in the first room the video-installation Ananda - Happiness - Lycka from 2002.
It treats different aspects of happiness in India. Laughter-
yoga, dance, walking on fire and the Diwali-festival.
In the large room the sound-installation At Gunpoint, from Johannesburg, Southafrica, 2002 is exhibited. Violence is a controversial way to happiness, which is not officially agreed to.

Six paintings and six targets, the sounds from a shooting-range and the voices of a man who shoots as a hobby and another who is against all weapons..

Newly produced Kan Det Bli Lyckligare? [Can it become more Happy?] with two syncronized films, where people wish for three things to become more happy, charcoaldrawings of them, and posters with photos from the laughterschool in Mumbai, India and quotes about happiness in the smallest exhibition-room.

In the fourth, interactive part; books to write down you happiest memory in. Every day one of these is chosen to be written on a board as the Happy Memory of Today.

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Ananda - Happiness - Lycka

At Gunpoint

Kan Det Bli Lyckligare? [Can it become more Happy?]


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