The priest in Strömsund told me that so many young people had passed away during the years. This made me want to make a happiness-manifestation to make people happier there. I pondered on it for some time and decided to grant people three wishes each to people to try and make them happy. Thru that I could at the same time examine what people in the misdst of Norrland's inland and mountainsites think would make them the most happy a summer's day. On July the 26:th 2004, I entered Strömsund, dressed up as an enchantress and with a wand and with Leo Brusewitz as my camera-man. During that day we tried to spread happiness there.
Kan det bli Lyckligare?[Can it Become More Happy? is the name I cose for the installation that was shown in my Happiness as an Art-project. I showed an edited selection of what was filmed on two TV-monitors. In one people talk about their wishes and on the other others talk about how well they are and that they do not wish for anything more! The installation also consists of charcoal-drawings of these ihabitants of Strömsund, with their wishes written on them. I realized that people wished for the following: Most wiched for riches and since the summer was pretty bad they wished for better weather. The third thing they asked for was to stay or become healthy. Of course this is not objective or statistic, but my-own subjective opinion after the manifestationen.

Printed colour-posters of Indians from the Laughter-schcool in Mumbai and quotes of how to become happy were hung at one of the walls. As a fourth, interactive part I asked people to write down their happiest memories. Two notebooks were put there on a desk for the audience to write in and each day I chose one of the memories. I wrote this on the chalkboard besides the desk, for the entire next day To thank those who shared their happy memories they received a genuine Chinesefortune-cookie.


ur Happiness as an Art-project


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